Monday, June 2, 2008

Back on Track

Well, the post-MMT happies have finally worn off and it is now time to resume a regular running routine. I took some time off to recover well and really give my IT band time to get in a better mood. Good news is all seems to be okay at this point. I have been running some and managed about 15 miles the week after MMT with another 10 or so walking and biking. I got in about 30 miles last week mostly recovery runs with nothing longer than 7 miles. However, I did do a 4.5 mile quasi-tempo run on Thursday night and managed to run it in about 33:10 (7:28 pace). Not rocket speed but was able to get good leg turnover early and motored pretty well up the many short hills. It was a great "test run" on the IT band as I expected any lingering issues would definitely surface during the effort. Nope, got nothing and credit the fast healing to heat, massage and frequent stretching. I am pretty excited about recovering so quickly from MMT - all leg and foot soreness was gone by the Wednesday following the race with only some tightness in the IT band remaining until early last week.

Although I have some races tentatively scheduled for the remainder of 2008, my schedule is pretty open with only Laurel Valley as a definite at this point. I plan to do Hellgate in December and want to do another 100 miler in the fall. Grindstone is a possibility but I have a big conflict that may make that race a no go. I am also looking at the Bear 100, Superior Sawtooth 100 and the Pinhoti 100. Bear would be great but with escalating airfares and near $4.00 gas, may be a stretch on the running budget. Superior looks really interesting and is often compared to MMT. Pinhoti is a new race this year but looks to be run on some pretty amazing trails. I am open to any suggestions from readers for both 100 mile and other distances.

I really get excited this time of year as the "peak" of ultra season comes upon us. Western States, Hardrock, Badwater and Leadville (to name a few) are all upon us in the next couple of months. Plus Vermont and Wasatch round out the Grand Slam and of course Mount Blanc over in France in August. Will be fun to watch. Post your race suggestions to the comments field.


I am a runner. "We are what we repeatedly do" said...

I vote grindstone. the friday start and close proximity leaves some of Sunday (evening) as still functional family time. a trip to the Bear (a Friday race I think) involves travel on Thursday, race and travel back which is more time away from family and an extra day off work. The race is at altitude which takes some of the fun out of it for a east coaster. Superior is a nice one. Challenging, but low key. Hard to travel to though as no big airports nearby. There is always the option to focus on a fast marathon or fast 50 like JFK or Tussey.

Good luck and hope to see you soon.

Bedrock said...

Thanks Loomdog. I am seriously thinking about doing a shorter distance like a 50. I haven't run a great 50 miler before and figure I might get a nice mental boost by running something like JFK. I have run masochist twice, but never on fresh legs and Bel Monte, which is not erxactly PR-friendly. Thanks again and good luck at KM this weekend.