Friday, March 27, 2009


So, my "explanation" post is long overdue. Here's the deal. I got whacked by BofA (or Merrill) on February 26 after 10 years. it was not a surprise but still a disruption. I got a new gig at the bank within 5 days. In this economy/job market, I feel fortunate to have it. My work life as been prety hellish since January. I worked hard in 2008 and exceeded all of my performance targets and got $0 for incentive compensation. This makes up a major portion of my total pay so a zero is a big pay cut. There has been a lot of to do lately about bonuses. Sure, there are certainly abuses at all companies, but for many jobs like mine, folks should get paid if the bring the revenues in the door. Obviously, I am biased. Then a month later, I am gone. Oh well, it is in the past and in hindsight, probably a blessing. In talking with my former co-workers, Merrill is doing a great job of blowing things up and flushing morale down the toilet.

The Mount Mitchell Challenge/Black Mountain Marathon on February 28 was a nice release after such a rough week. The weather was tough and I was ill prepared for the wet and cold conditions. I was one of many who were sent down the mountain at the marathon turn around due to the Park Service closing the summit. It was a smart choice as many folks had hypothermic conditions. I likely would have too had I continued to the top. Still, it was a fun day and I got a nice solid training run in.

My good friend Rich Daileader started his AT trek northbound on March 1. His plan is to average around 15 miles a day and finish up sometime in late July/mid August. I hope to join him for a couple of days in April or June.

Running is going pretty well and I am anxious to get cranking with the race schedule.


Paul DeWitt said...

Sorry to hear about your job cut, but glad you found something so quick. I guess Charlotte is/will always be a big time financial center. Had you run Mt. Mitchell before? It is a nice race and hope you get to do the whole thing if you haven't before.
- pauld

Bedrock said...


Thanks for your thoughts. It was my first time at Mitchell and I do plan to go back next year. Hope all is well with you.