Thursday, May 13, 2010

MMT Preview!

Well, IT is finally here - Massanutten. With out a date my favorite 100 mile race (actually it is the only one I have done). Still, it is a great race and one I have been looking forward to since last year's pathetic "effort". Anyways, I am in good shape physically and feel very confident. I have been running well and have been hitting the gym regularly this year. I have done lots of quality runs, tons of strength training, lots of core work and shed a few layers of padding. Also, getting humbled last year was probably a good thing for me. It was certainly a motivator during training this year. on my last long run with my buddy Mike, he remarked that my issues are not physical this year but watch out for the mental doldrums. I think I will be good here because of last year. The course will be run in a different direction this year which introduces an unknown element to the race. I "know" the course but not in this year's "order". Just will focus and keep one foot in front of the other. Run when I can and take it easy when I have to. Sounds so simple here but at 2:00 AM, it seems a bit harder!

I feel really good and have never been so excited to run. Heading up tomorrow with my friend Rich who is going to crew for me. Also, a VHTRC member named Jim is going to pace me. I am ready to go and hope to run a PR for the course but a finish will also be just fine. If all goes well, it should be a special day/night. Then again, if all doesn't go well it will still be a special time. I can't lose, right? There will be updates on the VHTRC website and I am bib number 16 if anyone wants to follow along. Wish me luck and hopefully I will have a joyous report to write next week. Good luck to everyone else who is racing this weekend.

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