Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Back in the Routine

After taking all of last week off, I am getting back into a regular running routine. I generally take at least a week off after peak races and my travel schedule last week wasn't conducive to regular workouts anyway. The rest, albeit a short one did me a lot of good both physically and mentally. I am easing back into weights and running this week and with Masochist only 3 weeks from this Saturday, my training will be somewhat measured. I am curious if any readers out there have any tips for "training" for races that follow closely to a peak effort. I do want to improve on last years time at Masochist but realize that my legs will likely not be 100%. However, I am much fitter now than last fall and think I can improve over last year despite not being 100%. My plan is to do two tempo/speed runs, two recovery runs and one medium long (2-3 hours) run each week. Now, if only the weather would become more October-like rather than July-like.

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