Friday, November 2, 2007

Mountain Masochist Preview

Today I am heading up to Virginia to run in the Mountain Masochist 50 mile trail run. This is a storied race that is celebrating 25 years in 2007. Since GEER, I have taken a bit of a break and focused most of my efforts on tempo/speed workouts. The weather is set to be near perfect which will be a welcome change from the bone shivering cold of last year. I had a tough time last year battling nausea the final 10 miles to finish in the back of the pack. Then again it was only my third ultra and I am a much fitter and smarter runner this year (hopefully). My only goal this year is to improve over last year and enjoy the time on the trails. I will post a report next week.


Paul DeWitt said...

I saw that you finished (good job on a tough course!) and am looking forward to reading your race report.
- paul

Sophie Speidel said...

Great run at Masochist, Bedford! Looking forward to your report of how running back-to-back ultras fared for you...I have Hellgate in 4 weeks so I *think* I have a good plan in place, but am always interested in what others have learned. Good to see you on the Masochistic trail!