Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Massanutten 2009 - I am in!

Well, the Massanutten lottery was held yesterday and I was lucky to get chosen for the 2009 field. Actually, the lottery the VHTRC employs is pretty interesting. All applicants sign up online between December 1 and 8 where they are assigned a random number between 0 and 999. This number is the key to getting selected. The lottery was based on yesterday's closing value of the Dow Jones Industrial Average. The final three digits of the Dow close (including decimal places) are the "starting point" of the lottery and the direction of the market (up or down) determines which "direction" the lottery moves in selecting entrants. My random number was 914 and the final three digits of yesterday's close was 133. Once the selection reaches 0, it starts with 999 and continues to move down. No preference is given to anyone for the selection but there is preference given on the wait list. Regardless, I am in.

Personally, I think all past champions should get automatic entry along with folks going for a 10th finish. It is ludicrous to me that past champions Todd Walker, Ian Torrence and Marti Kovener are on a waiting list, although they do have the highest priority. But then again, I think first come first served is just as fair. Last year, there was a ridiculous amount of whining from folks who did not get in when all you had to do was get in front of a computer that morning. Heck, I was literally at a cruising altitude of 33,000 feet above sea level on an airplane and I made arrangements for someone to sign me up. I find it pretty funny that several of the folks that complained didn't even sign up this year. Maybe the lottery is fairer. No matter what process is used, everyone is not going to be satisfied.

I am really excited to run MMT again in 2009 and several fellow Goats are in as well including Brennen, Steve and Amy with Deb and Mike Mason high up on the waiting list. In addition, my buddies John and DC from Charlotte are also in. The original plan back in 2007 was for the three of us to run MMT together as our first 100. However, DC injured his knee so John and I ran the entire race together. Glad these guys are giving it a go again. Look forward to kicking some rocks again come mid-May!


Anonymous said...

Hi Bedrock,

I came across your blog by searching for lottery results for Massanutten 100 on Google. Yours was the first hit. Where did you get the lottery results? I could not find them on the Massanutten web page. I came to the same conclusion, though. I think I am in also, but I have to count entrants to 808 (that is my magic number). I do think people have a right to be dissatisfied with the way entry was handled last year. The website was supposed to open mid-day. To me and most other people mid-day means 12:00 pm. My wife got on at 12:15 and it was closed. Anyway, this method is more fair.


Bedrock said...


Lottery results are on the VHTRC website. With number 808, you should be in. On the site last year, I recall that entry was to open at 11:00 AM. The reason I say both ways are fair is that all the lottery is doing is replacing the variable of time (i.e., getting on the site fast enough to enter) with chance (that you will be chosen). Anyway, hope to see you at MMT. It is a great race!

Sophie Speidel said...


Congrats on getting into MMT! And thanks for your suppport of me and my blog this year. I can always count on my "regular" readers. :-)

Good luck with your training and I hope to be at the finish---with luck, my son's lacrosse team will have just won another state championship like they did last year, so Sunday will be my day to play in mountains with the MMT runners.

Take care and Merry Christmas!