Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year!

Well, 2009 is here - amazing how quickly 2008 went by. I am not a big New Year's person so my "celebration" is at best mundane and most likely boring to most. I did manage to see the "ball drop" though. Any way, now that 2009 is here, I am back into training mode big time. I actually have been for the last several weeks but now, with a little holiday trimming around the waistline, my regimen will be more consistent. I got in a nice trail run out at Crowder's Mountain yesterday of about 3 hours. After running mostly on gravel/dirt roads down in Georgia the last week, the trails were nice.

The Umstead 100 looms large the first weekend in April. So, my training will focus largely on getting ready for that. That means a lot of flatter, fast workouts and less of the rocky, rooty terrain with lots of climb. However, Massanutten is on the horizon so I will need to mix in some runs to gear up for that as well. I will put more detail to my training plan in the next few days. Hope everyone enjoyed Christmas and New Year's.


Jay Perry said...

Hope all is well with you. I am getting ready for Mountain Mist 50K in Huntsville end of this month. I hope to bring the family back and do Bel Monte in March. Have a great one.

Bedrock said...


Good hearing from you and glad all is well. I wanted to do Mountain Mist this year but have a conflict that weekend. I hope to be working an aid station at Bel Monte this year. Good luck at Mountain Mist and I will talk to you soon.