Thursday, February 7, 2008

Baby Steps

My "funk" has gotten some better over the last week or so. I have gotten some quality runs in including a couple of speedwork sessions and have been pleased overall. Perhaps a little time "away" was helpful. I have the Myrtle Beach marathon next weekend where I hoped to run a PR. I still hope to PR but have tempered my expectations a bit as I am not where I feel I should be in my training. That said, with a solid week this week and next who knows... I haven't tried to run a good marathon time since starting ultras so it will be interesting to see how I do. As with all races, as long as I have fun and perhpas learn something, the race will be a success.

Work is still work and while all of the life situations are not great, I have a better perspective from which to sort things out now. I talked with a running mentor of mine this week about a lot of the "stuff" and his thoughts and comments were very helpful. He has dealt with the whole "corporate thing" before so he understands that aspect of life. I have found that just laying it out to folks helps to some extent. I am really looking forward to getting cranked up for the Bel Monte 50 miler in March. I am sure that will be a tough yet very rewarding race. it will also be very good training for my favorite "rock concert" in May known as Massanutten.

These are all baby steps but at least it is a start.

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